Semi-Private and Private lessons can be accomodated by request.  Only our most experienced coaches conduct these lessons.  Unlike Group Lessons, you are required to find your own group for Semi-Private Lessons.  Semi-Private lessons are typically 2-3 athletes that want to work on a similar skill set.  Private lessons are 1 on 1 instruction based on the player's choice of skill sets.


 - Semi-Private:  $40/hour for each athlete

 - Private: $70/hour

How To Sign Up:

If you would like to coordinate a semi-private or private lesson please contact Joe by calling the office or emailing at:

 - Joe - Joe@illinielite.com


Group lessons are our most popular option for players to work on a specific skill set.  Sessions last for 1 hour.  You are not required to find your own group if you would like to participate.  Group lessons are typically offered during the late summer/fall months.  Please use the form to the left if would like to sign up for one of the available options.

 - Cost:  $30/session

To sign up for Group Lessons  at the times below either call the office at 309-829-3671 or email Joe@illinielite.com.

September-November Group Lesson Dates/Times

Sunday, December 2nd

9:00am - Passing/Defense

10:00am - Attacking/Serving

11:00am - Setting

Wednesday, November 21st

5:00pm - Passing/Defense

6:00pm - Attacking/Serving

7:00pm - Setting

Saturday, November 24th

2:00pm - Passing/Defense

3:00pm - Attacking/Serving

4:00pm - Setting

Monday,  November 26th

5:00pm - Passing/Defense

6:00pm - Attacking/Serving

7:00pm - Setting